Saturday, March 23, 2013

today's exercise brought you by...

Today's exercise brought to you by this week's tornadoes. Today we did a bit of hiking and lots of lifting. Our friend Larry brought his chain saw and we helped clear the way. The storms came through on Monday. The staff and volunteers at the park were very busy and got a lot cleared away already. The lodge is still in pretty bad condition but ready for restoration and several cabins have already reopened.

We worked on a path that was completely blocking the path to the Desoto Scout Trail. After that, we headed down to the DST for some more cleanup. We were all quite pooped.

We try to help with the trails periodically. This was a lot different but worth it. We use them all the time and the park is very good to us. When we lost power for a week 2 years ago (due to F5  tornadoes), they let me charge my phone and laptop. The storms then took out a field of electric poles and several major junctions of the TVA. But the park is prepared with generators.

Buttercup & Westley did awesome! Didn't manage a pic of the Walrus though. :-(

Larry hacking away
In other news, my hair was getting big and attracting its own moon so I finally got a haircut and eyebrow wax. My hairdresser got extra points for fixing my bangs from my hack job a couple weeks ago.

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