Wednesday, April 24, 2013

casting on

Feeling the desire to cast on again. My penchant for knitting waned there for a bit but I'm raring and ready to wax on again. My friend who's been ordering scarves and hats from me wants dishcloths and lots of them but in the meantime I got distracted to make this water bottle cozy for myself first. So, I cast on...

It's a miniature yoga mat bag! But should be a lot quicker. I'm so excited about this because it will be my first felting project that I can complete all my little self with my own washer (now that I have the agitating washer again). Next up, after the dishcloths of course, I want to make a felted bowl with fun fur fringe.

Somebody complimented me on my bag yesterday at our trail workouts and it reminded me that I've been wanting to make the water bottle cozy. So there I go. :-)

Speaking of trail workouts, OY! My abs are hurting today!!! I never think I'm getting anything out of the standing ab moves. That is, until the next day. On day 2 of a new streak to log my food. Doing well so far and feeling good.

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