Thursday, April 11, 2013


Forecast in my head: clear and sunny with a sniffle here and there to accommodate my allergies. Which quite frankly, aren't doing too bad right now.

Forecast outside...not so much: dense and volatile, ripe for an afternoon of severe weather and possible tornadoes.

When the forecast in this part of the country calls for a snow storm, there's a lot of eye rolling. 9 times out of 10, it doesn't happen. You wouldn't know it from the run people put on the grocery stores for milk, bread, and eggs though.

When they start calling for hail, straight line winds, and tornadoes, you better pay attention. It's usually worse than they predict.

So, this morning I took my walk (already at 9628 steps!), got the doggies out, got a full tank of gas, a gallon of milk and lots of fruits and veggies. Oh, and fully charged my phone.

I learn the hard way. Always have. 2 storms ago, I had less than and 1/8 tank of gas, lowly charged phone that quickly went dead and no food on hand. Then we didn't have electricity for a week. I was scrounging neighboring cities to charge my phone, find wi-fi (and a plug) so I could work, and emptying my shed of it's lawn mower gas to "get by."

Funny, you need electricity to pump gas. The alternative? Having a gas station run on a generator which runs on what?? You guessed it ...gas. So, you can imagine the line at the one gas station who thinks it's profitable to run a generator that's run on gas, to pump gas. Come to think of it, they probably did it as a service, not for profit. That sure was nice of them.

But you know what all this means don't you? Spring is winning! It always does. And I welcome thee even if I'm welcoming thee after being blown to Tennessee.

You're still my favorite season.

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