Monday, April 8, 2013

getting the rest of my steps in...

I love tracking my steps with my FitBit. I love the reports, badges and the encouragement it all offers. Yesterday, the kids & I got a quick 2 mile doggie walk before heading to Chattanooga. My husband was working and we were meeting him before a dinner party. He's working hard to get a new specialty food store open. When I got there, I noticed I only had 7000 steps. I started doing laps around the store but noticed it was much too cold for my taste (the freezers and refrigerators are gearing up for deliveries this week but meanwhile are thusly empty making the building very cold).

So, I headed outside. The boy stayed and helped his daddy.

Oh so very helpful
In the 80s, Chattanooga started a revitalization that has made this town very special. Think of a cross among Athens, GA, Austin, TX, and bit of big city in a not-so-big city. But it's not really any of those cities though, it's its own city and rightfully so. Chattanooga has all the conveniences of any other large city but still has a funky feel set among mountains, rivers, and lakes. The Southside still needs some work but it's coming along.

As I headed outside to increase my steps, I enjoyed street art, architecture (new & old), and lots of interesting people.

Small mural mosaic on one of the posts of Battle Academy magnet school.

coffee shop with honeysuckle-vined patio and mural.

Decrepit old church with beautiful stained glass windows and the Rev Fullilove presiding. BEST Reverend name EVER.
Opening soon! Can't wait.
Came back with 9,931 steps. Had 10,000+ before we left for the party and just under 12,000 by the end of the evening. Good day.

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