Thursday, April 4, 2013

here spring-y spring-y spring-y. where are youuuuu?

Oh there you are, in tomorrowland.

Excluding today, the weather is looking like it's taking a turn for the better. Would I jinx us all if I put away all the knit scarves and hats? ;-)

I'm super sore from my group personal training session Tuesday. Which actually turned out to be a personal training session since I was the only one that showed up this week. Not cool. Although I've been hiking, biking, and walking, I've neglected the lunges, pushups, and other toning moves for some time now. I'm paying for it now. (I texted my trainer last night, "ohmy yaya!!!!DOMS!") With the yucky weather and my muscle soreness, it feels like a good day for some power yoga.

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