Monday, April 15, 2013

home fix-it, getting crafty

As promised in an earlier post, I finally "fixed" the wall from the boy tearing out the towel holder. I'm not very handy so I had to get crafty. I did a project like this a few years ago in the upstairs bathroom when my dear Buttercup tore the toilet paper holder out of the wall.

I liked it, so I did something similar in the downstair half-bath for this minor fiasco:

Both the Walrus and Westley helped me along various steps in the process.

Step by step: First, the boy helped me pick out a color. Milk chocolate, metallic gold, or golden straw? We decided to go w/golden straw.

Next, we painted it and worked out attaching the hardware. I saw this trick on pinterest where you put a piece of painter's tape on the back of you hardware and you attach the tape to the wall and the measurement is perfect. I couldn't find any tape to save my life so I used a piece of paper and drew it on the board.

Carefully figured out the center. What's half of 9 1/4?

After the steam stopped coming out of my ears, I drew it in.

Predrilled the holes (the one in the center is my overall center, not to be drilled).

Attached straight to the wall with the wood plaque (the screws were longer than the plaque, so this was important to go straight on the wall at this point).

Drilled in some very long drywall screws for the plaque. Except I hit a stud, so I had to take it out and use a different screw. I know, right? If only the contractor I hired to hang these in the first place would've hit the studs...It's all good though because the holes, and screw-ups (pun intended) will all be covered up shortly, just like the hole behind the wood plaque was.

Then I attached the towel holder.

Started tiling away...

And voila'...

Ready to use...

And THAT towel holder isn't going anywhere folks!

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