Saturday, April 6, 2013

laughing is good exercise, right?

While I am trying to get caught up on some work today, I had to pause for a few laughs courtesy of my friend Daphne. It's so beautiful out-- HELLoooo Spring!--- glad to see you again, that everybody is getting outside. The family is headed to the falls and my friend was headed to the trails where she texted me that she couldn't believe how bad the park was from the tornadoes. The best thing you can do is hit the trails, clean up what you can, and report the big stuff so the park staff knows where to concentrate their next efforts.

Anywho, she ran into some men on the the trail a little lost and asked her for directions which leads me to this:

Man, I AM SORRY to have missed meeting them. LOVE it!

Good thing there's youtube:

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