Monday, April 22, 2013

quality time and getting the steps in

Got to spend a very good weekend with my young man. He was so excited about camping with his friends. I have never slept in a tent before. It was a brutal Friday night dipping into the very low 30s. I didn't sleep a wink with the wind going straight through the tent. The next day hovered in the high 50s but I could not warm up. I still had a great time spending quality time with my son around the campfire and lots of activities like: fishing, archery, hiking, slingshot, canoeing, outdoor cooking, and tomahawk throwing (I nailed it 4 times).

I'm just not a camper or a backpacker. Day hiking and a warm comfy bed for me please. I'm afraid I have several more years of these outings for me nonetheless. Pushing my personal limits and all.

So grateful for days like these. And if you ever need to get your steps in, make sure you sleep about a quarter mile from the bathhouse/restrooms. Heheh. We got 10,629 just Friday evening. Saturday we got a whopping 18,147 steps! I'm sure little man at least doubled that.

You know you spend too much time on Facebook when you look at a scene and think, "that would make a great cover photo," and proceed to frame the shot on the right-hand side. And by you, I mean me. :-)

Good times. Cherishing these days in this moment.

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