Monday, April 29, 2013

today i have a plan...

I'm on day 7 of my tracking streak. I'm focusing on one simple goal because it makes me pay attention, aware, and in the moment about all of my activities- healthwise.

This is another hectic week - schedulewise.

I know, I can hear my junior year high school teacher now, "Adding -wise to any word is not a word!"


Anywho, busy schedule and trying not to freak because busy schedules do that to me.

School's Earth Day, Work's end-of-month deadlines, boy's gymnastics, errands I've been putting off (like car tags that expire tomorrow), Tuesday trail workouts, husband's store's soft opening prepping for next week's grand opening, book fair at school, muffins with moms at boy's school... I could go on but I won't because this list is making me tense.

So where's the exercise, the movement? I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Today I'm going to park at the big church downtown and walk to get my car tags and walk to get the boy a new set of guitar picks at the music store and walk back to my parking space.

I'm hoping that'll give me the extra boost in my steps that I need today. At the very least, it should be my 10 minutes. I might take a short hike after the boy's scout meeting tonight too. Love the end of daylight savings!!!

And that's just sparkarefic with me. :-) Because, really? All is fine, it's all so very good. Embracing each day as it comes even if I have to remind myself to take a deep breath for I am truly blessed.

ETA: I forgot I had to return a book to the library so I ended up walking from there instead. So, Bonus! I got extra steps. 44 minutes (including time spent at each errand) and 4,186 steps...just for running 4 errands. My car got to rest until she had to take me home. ;-)

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