Tuesday, April 9, 2013

what did i learn today?

Learning something new every day is so important. More importantly, is recognizing when you learn something new because inevitably it really does happen. It's ESPECIALLY important to recognize it when it's something you think you know or you very well should by now!

And by you, I mean me.

For example from the other day... I learned that both mangos and mangoes are both spelled correctly. Cool. Put that one in my back pocket and carry wayward son.

But today, I had a bit of a work lesson. Listening skills are SO important. I practice listening quite often. Every time I hear, in fact. I try to stay mindful. But also, just as important? My reading skills. In my line of work (working from home), my main form of communication comes from emailing, texting, and the ever-dreaded instant messaging.

I present exhibit A, but really there's no B so just exhibit:

rereading this make me feel really sorry for my boss.
First off, I didn't read her question correctly. I saw the referenced project, knowing I haven't touched it lately, and I went into defense mode. I thought she asked, "where are you at on the gas south project?"

Secondly...JUST ANSWER THE COTTON PICKING QUESTION! I try to teach my boy this. My dad tried to teach me this. Why doesn't it stick?

Luckily, I have a boss who not only understands me but appreciates my attributes that I do bring to my job. Reading-listening aside.

Aptly seen as I'm writing this:
A teacher's job is to point out the obvious. A student's job is to see it.~Karen Maezen Miller

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