Thursday, May 9, 2013


The abundance is springing forth this fine season. I'm so excited about all my upcoming opportunities. Our CSA starts at the end of this month which means lots of veggies for us each week. We were supposed to start at the beginning of May but are delayed because of all the rain. We're a bit soggy but I'm not complaining because we now have plenty of sunshine and soon enough we won't have any rain during the dry season.

Meanwhile, we're composting and collecting rain for this year's garden.We have never successfully planted a garden though we try. Oh how we try. My friend Ruth who is an advanced, certified permaculturist is going to help me this year. Totally redoing this tangled mess starting this weekend...

Yeah, I see a lot of weeding in the forecast. (heh, little photo bomb in the shade named Shine. Sweet doggie)
We need to relocate the garden in the shaded area about 7 feet west and 10 feet south. I'm up for a challenge. My friend is also gifting me some starter plants. If I can't do it this year, well I don't know. But I feel like we have the support, tools, and a bit more know-how (mostly from trial and error but also from hanging out with people like Ruth who know their shiz. I have lots of friends like that, come to think of it).

I drove by my state park naturalist friend, Brittany, this morning who was pruning a huge rosemary bush. Look at the bounty she gave me.

Love the fresh smell of rosemary in the morning.
Also in abundance:

The wild blackberries are flowering.

The irises are about to fade but not before one last hurrah.

Well hello clematis. So good of you to visit this year!

Ferns in place, creeping jenny coming back in the whiskey barrel and oh-so-many weeds. Good project this weekend to get ready for Ruth.
Up tomorrow...I finally upgraded to a smart phone (as you can tell by the improvement of my picture quality) so I've been going a little app-$#!T. Loving it so far. So tomorrow, my latest app and will be sharing a contest a famous running shoe is holding. I was going to share today but thought I should stick to one subject at a time. ;-) Unlike my thoughts.

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