Wednesday, May 22, 2013

are you


I think I am. Hope you are so a big cheers with my green tea latte tipped to ya! This week I'm hoping for a small loss or a nice, even maintain. I lost 4 pounds last week, the first week of the Spring-Summer 5% challenge.

With my summer cold though, I could stand to lose about 8 pounds if I can get the snot out of my head by Saturday. Head. Is. So. Heavy. & Achy. Meh. TMI? Heheh. But, I guess I would have to report the gain first. ;-)

So, last week I reported on a 'new-to-me' trail. A part of the Desoto Scout Trail I've never been on. After the hike, I found out we ALMOST made it to the lake at Camp Comer (which is one of the most beautiful places on Earth). We missed it by a skosh.

See how close we got?
My goal is to make it to the other side of that lake this week...

Well you know, not from this direction. That lake is HUGE. But looking at the map above, I should come out of that trail, directly across from here. Can't wait!

Meanwhile, I continue nursing my cold with lots of hot water with local honey and lemon, along with several green teas, tons of water, light exercise, and rest. The husband saved me this morning by dropping the boy off at my friend's house early for carpool. I got to sleep until 10. 10! Ahhhhh. Had to miss my weekly training session this morning but I guess it was worth it.

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