Tuesday, May 14, 2013

did you see jupiter or venus or both?

Don't you love how no two sunsets are alike? Ever. So beautiful, glorious, and unique every single day. Makes you never want to miss one if you ask me.

Here's a glimpse of tonight's sunset on my twilight walk (click to enlarge):

Crescent moon with jet stream.

Today, I got a heads up. In the western sky, we can see the moon, Jupiter, and Venus.

And it was true. I was able to see it upon my return during my twilight walk. Don't you love facebook (mostly)? I wouldn't have noticed this outside had I not seen this picture posted by my friend Charlotte. SO lovely.

The moon above the tree, the top tree branch pointing right to Jupiter and Venus is just between the blue and peach, barely visible in the lavender/pink. 

Great walk. Great day!

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