Monday, May 27, 2013

don't follow me ;-)

I was really looking forward to repeating the "new to me trail" and taking it a little further to Comer Lake. Getting lost is not my usual M.O. At least, not now. I spent a lot of time getting lost in Dallas/Fort Worth when I first got a drivers license but then learned it like the back of my hand. Then again when I worked in downtown Atlanta several years back. Since both, I've been able to travel anywhere and pretty much go anywhere without getting lost.

I also have a knack for the trails but not yesterday. I don't know what happened but we lost the trail, lost ourselves, and found it all again.

Wonder boy and I set out at the bottom of the map. That sorta straight line going up? That's us on the trail. All the squiggly lines going to the left and around the the right? That's us- lost. That straight diagonal doing to the right at the top is some glitch. We were nowhere near the lake. Never even made it to the fire road.

What saved us? The sun and the Map my Run app, but mostly the sun. I scrambled to find the trail after losing it (overgrowth). Luckily I fired up the map my run app. If not, we would've had no idea where we were. Every time I looked at my phone, the battery would deplete by 3%. I didn't have complete faith in it due to the message that kept coming up about not having any service. Eventually, I just wanted to make it back to the road. I didn't care where. At one point, I even tried to call and text the State Park Ranger but to no avail... no service.

I gave up on all and just started following the sun West through thick brickles, thorns, and poison ivy (neither of us reacted to it - Thank Goodness. I never have reacted but I wasn't sure about the boy). We followed the sun West until I could hear the touring motorcycles coming from Desoto Pkwy. Then BAM we found the trail. Not only did we make it back to the road but we made it back to our entrance. Woo-wee. The squiggly line out to the right and coming back down and meeting the original line is us finding the trail again.

We had food and water and all was well. The boy didn't panic and I tried not to show mine.

Funny enough the boy still wanted to go for a twilight walk. All in all, adding up to 12,000+ steps. We timed it to watch the sunset and waited to see Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. Too fun.

There were doggie shenanigans while waiting for the sun to set.

Excuse us, we're already in our pajamas.

You can almost see Venus in this picture but I couldn't get the photo to show Jupiter and Mars. It was very bright though and the boy was thrilled.

Still a great day in spite of getting lost. Besides, what better way to be found?

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