Thursday, May 2, 2013

radio silence but not really

last night's sunset. simply divine.

Not that much to say lately as apparent with my lack of posting. My mind has been reeling lately with all my new possibilities in life and it's all so good and wonderful but I can't articulate it all. Or make decisions to save my life. I still have a desire to share so how about short little blips of reality as of late?

* I joined the latest 5% challenge (on SparkPeople to lose 5% of my weight). I'm both excited and anxious. I think it will be fun but I'm  a little overwhelmed with it right now. Hoping it all makes sense when I get my team and it starts.

* I'm reading some really interesting books (updated links on the left sidebar, "On Deck in my Kindle"): Affluenza, Surprisingly Unstuck, Quiet, The Round House, The Body Love Manual... to name a few. The one I'm really thinking about lately is Surprisingly Unstuck (Kindle users can borrow it for free). It talks about how we fail so many times at long term goals like weight loss because willpower and motivation are finite resources. So, if you spent a good part of your day doing something you don't want to do, say like blah projects for work, your willpower is spent by the end of the day. That explains a lot about how I start out a day strong with good choices and then progressively get worse. I can't wait to get to the part about what to do about it. I suspect it will be something like exercise first thing in the morning for starters. :-) Heh. Good stuff.

I also just read a very interesting yogi article.

I wrote down some take aways from the article:

*When you are hungry, drink water first.
*Daily Yoga Asana practice
*Verbal messages- keep all language loving and clean (and take away the negative talk, especially the cussing. I'm pretty bad about cussing... or "sentence enhancers" according to Patrick on Spongebob. Did I just quote Patrick on Spongebob? Yes. Yes I did.)
*Revisit niacin and spirulina supplements
*Pose the question when I'm hungry, "What is the most nutritious meal I can eat right now?"

In other news, I'm trying to be a list person. Life got a little too hectic lately. I'm trying to let go of some things but in the mean time, I've been having trouble remembering my commitments and those of the wonder boy. So alas, I'm trying to embrace the list. I'm trying to be a bit creative with them to help me remember I made a list too. Because it really stinks that I bother to make a list and lose it or forget about it.

And as you can see, I'm on day 10 of my nutrition tracking streak. Only wish I remembered to setup the streak on SparkPeople. I remembered yesterday so I'm on day 2 according to SP.

Lastly, I lost about 4 pounds last week which made this week's calorie ranges decrease. I'm having a hard time adjusting. I haven't been hungry the last couple of weeks with the previous calorie ranges but now I'm having a hard time getting to bed without being hungry. :-( Meh. More water for me and hoping I adjust soon enough.

Peace, light, and love. Have a fabulous weekend!

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