Thursday, May 30, 2013

recreation areas

Yesterday was almost a bust. I woke up with barely enough time to make my group training session and was still a little late. I wanted to get 2 hours of work in beforehand. Meh. I was ready to give up by 9:30 (after workout) but then I figured out a way to salvage the day. I ditched work and took the day off.

The boy and I headed to Chattanooga to see the Walrus at work and have lunch with him at Enzo's Market. After lots of good food (consumed and purchased), visiting with the hubs, and 18,000+steps later we had a day that was not only salvaged but turned out quite good.

After lunch of mixed green salad and unsweetened green tea latte, wonder boy and I decided to find out where the Chattanooga weekend market (lots of veggies, etc to be bought) is held as well as where the skate park was located. He can't wait to try it...too bad we didn't think to bring his skateboard. We also can't wait to go to the market which we've been saying we would do for years.

Chattanooga has some really interesting recreation areas.

Our route + this morning's trail workout, and regular getting around that brought me to just under 19,000 steps today.

One of the odd things in one of the parks we walked through. Labeled "Trapeze Rings." They were about 10 ft off the ground and I can't imagine the general public using these but they still made me smile thinking of it.

View of the park.

Maybe a pull-up station? I forgot to read the label. I hope it has something to do with practicing for the trapeze though. ;-)

This recreation area didn't have public access but there's a basketball court right next to the climbing ropes. Wonder boy wanted to so bad but this would've been too easy. He can climb a rope 2 stories and ring the bell at gymnastics. SO strong.

Very fun and exhausting (in a good way) day. It was so worth ditching work. Remind me that it was worth it Sunday when I'm making my work up, hmmm?

My latest loveliest bloom I feel compelled to share:

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