Tuesday, May 21, 2013


SO many goings on over the weekend and today I get welcomed on Spark as the highlighted A member. (Teammates from my 5% challenge I'm doing) Heeyyy Awesome A team! How fun is that? I'm so lucky to have all of your encouragement and support. Right back athcya. You're the best! Love you, mean it.

In other various updates, we attended the annual Rhododendron Festival and had lots of good family time, food (but not too much), and fun! You now what festivals are good for, don't you? STEPS!!! And lots of fine vendors. I was really hoping the hoola hoop lady would be there but alas, she was not. I've got other big plans for that. I'll talk a little more about what I'm brewing up in the hoola hoop department in a minute. Meanwhile, an update in glimpses:

NPS ranger flinting an arrowhead. This man is awesome. His wife is equally awesome. She's a pottery artist and is famous, at least regionally, for her ancient and Indian pottery replicas.

A glimpse of the main drag a top lookout mountain. The yummy Wildflower Cafe, owned and operated by my lovely friend Moon. A must stop if you're ever in Mentone.

Buttercup and Westley. Buttercup is already regretting her pose. I loved it so much, I had to make a FB cover photo out of it.

Then we had to see how the falls were doing. Desoto Falls, that is. Plunging, plunging. Can't wait to swim here this summer. Well not here, but the pool it's plunging into.

And today? Well today, wonder boy competed in the Olympics playing for Denmark. (Aka School Field Day). SOOOO much fun!
So as I've mentioned before, my summertime goal is to take up hooping. I think it would be a fun project for wonder boy and I. I keep scouring the interweb machine for hoops and I've found lots of choices but it's so hard to know what to get. I started asking around and a friend of a friend has a friend in North Carolina who makes and sells custom hoops very reasonably. We started emailing back and forth and she lives in the Blue Ridge mountains and takes care of a cabin up there. I really can't take a full vacation this year but thought this might be a fun little road trip. I love being in the mountains and she said she would give me a free lesson. So that's what I'm planning. A small getaway, new hoops, and a lesson to get us started this summer. I'm super stoked. Hope your weekend was as fabulous!

And of course, another gorgeous sunset from Saturday eve. The clouds were swiftly moving, offering brief peeky-poos of the sun. Beautiful.

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