Wednesday, May 29, 2013

sitting at work

So, we've all read it: sitting all day is bad for you. I can't tell you how many articles I've seen or where I heard about it last (but most likely it was on SparkPeople Radio).

You know how you hear something so many times, it just gets lost in the din? Then one day, somebody says it differently and your ears perk up and you finally listen? That's what happened to me.

Somebody interviewed on SparkPeople Radio as a person who's lost and kept the weight off, pointed out that you burn an extra 60 calories an hour by standing rather than sitting. She proceeded to calculate 8 hours a day for a week. That's 2400 calories folks. 2400! That's like 2/3 of a pound.

Yes please!

Just makes me think of what I could accomplish along with the exercise and healthy food choices I already make.

Almost a year ago, I wrote about ways I was trying to avoid sitting at work. But that was due to my hurting my bum in a cliff jumping accident (nobody reminded me I'm not 18 anymore, BaH!). OhMyOy! I had to alternate sitting, standing, and using a stability ball because I couldn't do any one task for long until my shiney-hiney healed. 

I made a make shift standing desk by turning my recycle bin over and repositioning the monitor. Today, I thought I would try to stand some so I made another makeshift standing desk. Since my recycle bin is full, I had to find something else. I used some boards on top of a plastic drawer thingy and I stood for a whole hour. 


That's a woo-hoo if I do say so myself. Speaking of which, I'm SO going to make a Woo-Hoo jar like MOSTMOM1! Love it!

Since the picture, I've propped my copy holder up on a dictionary so as not to strain my neck as much.

My next goal is to make a better makeshift option. One that's a little taller and easier to take down because apparently standing 8 hours a day is not good for you either but that is a whole other post. 

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