Friday, May 10, 2013

welcome to 2007, Pam

As I mentioned yesterday, I finally upgraded to a smart phone. I'm on a computer 40+ hours a week for work and am completely addicted to Facebook. I keep it on in the background so I don't feel so lonely since I work at know... with no co-workers. That was my excuse at first. BUT now? I can't not check it. I don't like that feeling. I'm totally resisting the urge to put FB on my phone because at least when I'm away from the computer, I don't feel compelled to check FB.

Meanwhile, it leaves me to play with all kinds of other apps. I've been eyeing the apps my friends have been playing with for years, taking mental notes on the ones I will play with when I get my own phone. I've been looking forward to all the music I can upload, the podcasts I can listen to, all the fitness apps that will magically make me svelte.

There's an app for svelteness and magic, right?

I've been resisting the urge to buy an MP3 player waiting my time for when I could upgrade to a device that will handle it all. Now, it has all the playlists I've been making on my computer gearing up for the day I can run with music. Although it won't be very often for road and trail safety, but I can think of a few opportunities to use it.

I couldn't see spending all that money on a phone that would probably have to be replaced in 2 years. But now, it was part of my free every 2 years phone. That'll work.

So, the day my phone came, I get an email from Mizuno about a contest they're running with Map My Run (free!). They randomly picked a mile in the US. If you run it and map it, you're eligible to win a free pair of shoes. How fun is that? Seems like a good one to start off with and the app is quite popular because it informed me 20 of my facebook friends use it too.

(I'm trying so hard not to link it to facebook. I want NO access on FB with my phone. I can see how hard this is going to be though. Did I say that already?)

And bonus, I REALLY want a pair of Mizunos. If you'll recall back in October, I splurged at a running shoe store. I was never pleased with the choice I brought home always wanting for the pair I tried on but didn't buy. Alas, they were Mizunos. I WILL own a soon as my current ones wear out (I drive cars the same way) or when I win a pair. Heheh.

Anywho, I gave it a whirl this morning and I like it. Also, I walked a little under 2 miles so maybe I hit their random mile. One can hope. ;-)

In other randomness, I learned how to take a screenshot. I'm so going to abuse this! I know, I'm SO up on technology...not. I can code an entire web page in hyper text markup language though. ;-) Not that that kind of manual labor is necessary anymore.

I'll get to try it out this weekend too. Wonder boy and I are running a 5k Saturday morning. There's a little over 3 chances to hit their mile!

And finally, I can't even tell you how long I've waited for the Hobby Lobby app so I don't have to print their coupon anymore. It's the little things people. Good times.

NOTE: I was not asked to promote this. Just having fun with my phone. :-)

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