Wednesday, June 26, 2013

active morning

Just want to start off by noting that stair (or hill) repeats are not going to get me! I'm not going down like that! With that said, I need to work harder.

But not today.

I'm spent.

No worries though, I'm spent in a good way. We sped-hiked about 4 miles on a difficult-for-me trail (lots of rocks, roots, and elevation). We started off on my least favorite trail but luckily my least favorite trail leads to my most favorite trail.

My most favorite trail is sublimely beautiful. It's lush with huge granite boulders. Just gorgeous. It's where the fairies live. They must.

Today I declare my least favorite trail my even more least favorite (help me here I'm floundering with my superlatives).

We saw a rattlesnake.

It was alive.

But luckily...

It was busy.

It had just eaten something big. Like a squirrel or maybe a rabbit. We still made a wide arch the opposite way off the trail. Eeeeegad.

I'm so busy looking at where my feet land that I'm not looking ahead. I spent the rest of the hike practicing looking 10 feet ahead of where I'm walking. It's a hard habit to break and it's teaching me to really lift my feet up so I don't trip.

Good times. We wrapped it up with traveling squat/abductor raises, pushups, and stretching.

Next, I came home and mowed the lawn (with a MANUAL pushmower, the gas one has been broken for a month) while the boy fed the birdies and picked the first of the fresh wild blackberries. I also found out that while I was working out, my friend who was watching the boy (and her son), took them for a hike and they rode bikes. Feeling like it's a great start to a great day with 11,000+ steps before noon. Hoping the rains come in now.

We came home and had a healthy snack: apples with peanut butter, green tea latte (for me), and few wild blackberries.

Also, a peek at our medicine cabinet (essential oil stash) which we'll be using profusely today to treat a wart on the boy's foot and heel pain for me.

And just for fun, because I'm SO tempted to say how hot it was this morning!

Have a fabulous blessed day! Peace out with light and love.

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