Friday, June 21, 2013

new skillz and other crafty goodness

Oh dear. I've found a new hobby. Apparently I don't have enough creative things swimming around my mind that I'm either doing or want to do but alas, I now have pine needle basketry. My park naturalist friend at Desoto State Park held an intro to pine needle basketry and I gave it a try.

Love. It.

I'm already dreaming of turquoise-dyed pine needles for my next project. I think this one might be a bowl for Westley's rock collection.

I get to go back Saturday and work on it some more. Hopefully I'll have a small finished project. Meanwhile, I'm ordering this recommended book for more inspiration:

In other finishing moves, I've made progress on my water bottle cozy for hiking. I have the button hole made and now I only have to make the i-cord for the cross-body strap and felt the darn thing.

And finally, a quick but FINISHED project this week: I made a friend a new dishcloth. Although the picture doesn't show the true color, picture mint chocolate chip ice cream without the chocolate chips. My friend actually wanted a smaller dishcloth so this might have to stay with my collection. ;-)

Current list of WIPs (works in progress): a black cashmere blend scarf in seed stitch and lacy ends, more dishcloths, and of course the water bottle cozy above and the pine needle basket.

I love bringing in the new solstice by creating new things. Hello Summer! I thought you would never get here. So glad to see you again.

Merry Summer Solstice to one and all! Peace, light, and love.

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