Friday, June 28, 2013

to rest or to hike or neither

I usually take a rest day on Thursdays. Wednesdays are particularly challenging with my trainer on our trail workouts. Yesterday was no exception. Today, I felt the need NOT to take a rest day though. The guys were going to go swimming at the state park tonight and I thought, "Oh, I'll drive and go take a hike while they swim." Then I remembered that my neck hurts. A. Lot. It hurt so much yesterday I had a killer headache...probably the worst for me (and I've had brain surgery, lol). I don't have headaches much these days.

I think I slept on it wrong and with an already tense neck on a challenging hike yesterday, it only got stiffer. Nothing has helped. I've used oils, salves, self-massage, and even broke down and took Aleve.

Forgoing the small hike tonight, I stayed home and practiced yoga. Going through my yoga downloads and DVDs, I settled on Yoga Zone's Yoga for a Strong Back. Gentle twists and slow stretching made me feel a lot better. It's still not 100%, I might have a reason to go for a massage tomorrow... ;-) and another session of Yoga.

It's hard to focus when I got this going on in the front of my mat...especially when I feel compelled to interrupt my practice for a picture or two.

And this beside me...

Now for a warm epsom salt, lavender, and peppermint bath. See you on the flipside.

Peace, light, and love.

ETA: the bath worked and I slept it off. I'm much better today.

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