Sunday, June 2, 2013


We're on day 2 of the 5% sleep challenge for this week's Live Your Best Life portion of the challenge. Sleeping is not really a problem for me. I pretty much hit the bed and conk out. Sure, I've had times in my life where getting a good night's rest is difficult but mostly my challenge lies in that I just need to get to bed and stay there a reasonable amount of time. Optimally for me, I need between 8-9 hours of sleep. The sleeping part is easy (for me).  Although, I do have a problem with snoring on and off depending on my allergies.

Last night's sleep according to my fitbit:

As you can see, I woke up and stopped the timer then thought, "meh," and slept for 30 more minutes. I have major sleep inertia most mornings no matter how much or little sleep I get.  I've actually got the boy doing most morning chores while I work myself out of bed. Sorry Ma, I never grew out of not being able to get up in the mornings. I know you tried much to your chagrin. 

But yes, sleep is very important and I'm a big proponent. In fact, my username FitBiZZZ (on has a little story to it. I used to have a blog back when I was a certified group fitness instructor and I had a slogan along the lines of get your fitness but don't forget the ZZZs...or something to that effect. It was also my DBA name. 

So yeah, I'm set for this challenge as reported here (and in my status updates). ;-)

Today, is all about simply. Living simply that is. I'm working all weekend due to the remote connection being down at work on Friday and my deciding to take Wednesday off...just because. Yesterday was easy in that the Walrus was here to entertain the boy. Today is a bit more challenging in that the Walrus is at work AND he found a nail in his tire yesterday. He didn't find it until after the tire place closed of course. So, he had to take my car today until I can get his car in the shop tomorrow. And...

What makes you want to leave the house more than anything?

Not being able to.


It's all good though. There will be yoga practiced inside, doggie walks outside, movies and games for the boy, work for me, and a simple lunch baking in the oven as we speak...

Baked sweet potatoes. Yum. Have a lovely, fun-filled day- any way you can fit it in. ;-)

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