Monday, July 29, 2013

Christmas in July

The kids got to visit the in-laws last week in South Florida. They came back with a Winter Solstice gift for the Walrus and I from my lovely sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Christmas in fun! And look...they know me too well and they gave us 2 so the Walrus and I could each have our own.

How fun is that? The lovely SIL pointed out I could marinate with tea or soda as well. After I finish this one, I'm doing blackberry iced tea (unsweetened of course). Yum.

In other news, the Walrus and I have been truly inspired by Hungry for Change and Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead. And yes, we're going for it: a juice fast that is. We have enough points to order a decent juicer and it's on its way.

We were going to start Monday 8/5 but after we started doing our research, we decided to start this Saturday. The first 3 days are the toughest concerning withdrawals, irritability, and such. We thought the weekend might help shield our crankiness from the outside world.

These films really opened my eyes. Just when you think you know everything, you find out you know nothing. I have been questioning my ailments for so many years now (going on 10 years): the allergies, the chronic post nasal drip, the false positives for Lupus, and every test showing up just this side of an autoimmune catastrophe, not to mention my high triglycerides.

I've been questioning how everything could be SO wrong in my body without something actually being wrong.


It's time to wake up to all the little whispers because these whispers are my body's warning system and I had better start listening instead of wondering.

I've been studying the Body Ecology Book this Summer and have been trying to figure out how to implement the changes. It's very overwhelming but I think the juice fast will be the perfect gateway to balance my eating and get me on the right track to follow BE's principles.

So I'm excited. And scared. This week will be spent doing a lot of research and preparation. Hold on to your hats because awwwaaayyy we go!

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