Thursday, July 11, 2013

day 3 of my big streak

I'm on day 3 of my BIG, big as in 'a lot of steps' big, walking streak. A minimum of 10,000 steps a day to get my exercise consistency back and reach a short term goal to get 30,000 steps in one day. Subsequently working to win my next badge from up being 2000 miles (lifetime of wearing fitbit) and 14,000 floors (also lifetime with fitbit).

But ultimately?

I want my exercise consistency habit back that I slowly lost over time. I read a book, Surprisingly Unstuck, about how habits work and more importantly, how to form new habits (teaching old dogs new tricks and all). It's a short, insightful read. I highly recommend it and it's free to borrow for Prime Amazon Kindle users.

I'm taking the drastic overhaul method. I've played around with the 'take baby steps approach' but historically, drastic usually works better for me. BUT, I've certainly adopted the 'no amount is too small' approach as well. Sometimes 'ridiculously small steps' is what I need to get me through some days. Got 10 minutes? Do it! Heck, you got less time than 10? Just belt out a couple of sets of pushups or a superset of abs. Go ridiculous, ridiculously small. You'll feel it and it DOES matter- no matter what your executive mind tells you. You know, the part of your brain that tells you this little bit won't matter? Good does. So take that, you naysayer part of my brain!

I still managed to get up at 5 this morning. Oh okay, 5:15. I met my trainer at 8 but still wanted to get up so it's not harder tomorrow when I get up to exercise before the Walrus leaves. My trainer and I took Never-Never Land (highlighted in blue, good for 8000+ steps), did a superset for shoulders, pushups, an ab superset, stretching, and my beloved tree plank. Now, I just need a short doggie walk this evening to reach 10,000.

My self-esteem and energy levels were up so high this morning, I actually shaved my legs. TMI? I'm not sure why I'm apathetic about shaving when I'm not feeling at my best.

the aforementioned tree plank

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