Thursday, July 25, 2013

here's the plan stan

Last week's news was that I had a goal for 30,000 steps in one day and accidentally got 35,000. Good times. The next day my trainer challenged me to go back in two week's time and get my 30,000 badge. I don't think I'll get a separate FitBit badge for it since technically I achieved the 30,000 on the 35,000 day. I'm going to try anyway.

So, I overshot it last week by 2 miles according to my calculations. Which, as I proved last week, may not be very reliable hence the getting 5,000 more steps than I intended. I'm going to try and contain myself anyway. Heehee.

Oh, and this (30000) is happening Friday.

I pondered that maybe I should go somewhere else for some new scenery and have since decided against it. See, I made some mistakes last week.
  • 48 ounces is not enough water for more than 12 miles, especially in this heat. Duh.
  • I didn't calculate the distance correctly. 
Also, I'm not only familiar with this territory but I have lots of neighbors that can help me if I were to get exhausted or hurt myself. In addition to all that, I can tweak my mileage already knowing what it takes after the last haul.

I'm also going to "plant" water refills along the route ahead of time. I know long distance runners do this...not sure why I didn't think of this last week.

So, with all this in mind, here's my new plan highlighted in green. 

I'm looping around, skipping NeverNever Land (highlighted in blue), doubling back in the primitive campground on the fire road to get the mile I need to make it work out to just 12 miles total. If I undershoot it, I'll take a short doggie walk later. 

My trainer helped me work this mileage out so it should work fine.

Then next?

40,000 steps scheduled for Saturday, 8/3. I think I'll need a new map to color.

Various glimpse from this morning's trail workout. A break in the temperatures was much appreciated...

Was greeted with pretty, pretty fog. Loving the contrasting colors of Summer.

'Shrooms everywhere in this wet, wet season.

Lovely path.

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