Friday, July 26, 2013

love at first touch

So a while back, I was at a potluck with a bunch of like minded hippies (said with love and respect since I consider myself somewhat to be one), permaculturists, living off the grid, earth-loving folks.

Somebody served kale as you would expect at a gathering like this. With all sorts of food preferences from vegan to paleo-loving folk, kale is always welcome.

This was served as salad.

And raw.

I scrunched my nose but took some anyway. I like to try new things.




I went back for more. It was so delicioso! Aiyee!

I asked the host what it was and who made it. She whispered, "It's kale made by Ginger. She massaged it." What?!? It wasn't sauteed? I must learn more.

I had some kale purchased this week from the Dekalb Farmers Market and better use it fast.

I said to myself, "Self, I wonder how you massage kale and make it delicious like Ginger." Mmmmm ginger. That would be good on it too! Ok, focus Pam. So what do you do when you wonder how to do something? Google it of course. I went to the first link and there it was. Ahhhhhhh (angels singing). That site, In Sonnet's Kitchen, is awesome by the way. I'll be spending some serious time there. It's a clean-eating pinner's paradise.

It's just de-stemmed kale torn in bite-sized pieces, lemon juice, salt, and olive oil. I used lemon infused olive oil because, mmm hail to the lemon! Massage the de-stemmed, washed kale with the juice of one lemon and some salt. I massaged it for 5 minutes before some of the "juice" of the kale was visible. I poured a teaspoon of olive oil on and massaged it for 1 minute more.

It's quite delightful.

I wonder if there's anymore veggies in the fridge that need some love.

de-stemming, tearing, and gathering of ingredients.

ready to eat!
I can't wait for the Walrus to wake up from his nap so I can tell him I made our side for tonight.

ETA: It was a big hit with both of us and the leftovers made a fantastic lunch the next day. Whole grain spaghetti with leftover kale and chicken. The chicken was heated up in a pan while the arugula and tomatoes wilted down. Yum! Just what my body was craving after walking 12 miles. That and my heating July, nonetheless. Oy. ;-)

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