Monday, July 15, 2013

more streaking

Like I mentioned several times on this blog, I've gotten a lot from the book Surprisingly Unstuck about habits, willpower, motivation, and such. I just saw something spectacular that really drove it home. A TED talk. Do you love those talks as much as I do? Also in true-to-me fashion, I was led there and inspired by another's blog LDRICHEL.

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work (link to TED video, about 15 minutes)

Here's some takeaways I noted (tried to get it verbatim but it's a little paraphrased. He talks FAST, lol):'s not that reality shapes your world but the lens that your brain views the world shapes your reality...
...90% of your success is not predicted by your external world but by the way your brain processes the world...
...absence of disease is not health...
...creating ripples of positivity...
I took this screenshot of one of his slides as a daily reminder:

I'm going to dwell and streak on these for 21 days. Mostly here on this blog-thingy. Except the exercise and meditation. That will be more effective done elsewhere.

I can testify to the fact that journaling is a big key to my happiness. My dad gave me a diary at a young age. Even then, he advised me to report on the positive so I don't look back and dwell on the negative. There's a lot of truth to that. I'm sure journaling about the negative is helpful too but I don't know, I've never tried (fully at least). When I do, I try to extrapolate the positive, the bright side if you will. I won't claim to have journaled my whole life consistently but I have mounds of homemade journals, gift journals, one in my purse to write down inspirations I receive on the go, and even digital files (on floppies, nonetheless) as well as the start and end to several blogs. I rarely look back. It just feels good to get it down.

How about today? Shall I start Day 1 of this 21-day streak? Why not?

1) Today I'm thankful for a boy who cares greatly for his doggies and their care and also wanting to join me on my walks with or without them. 2) Thankful for the dialogue we've created over at Spark People with my online friends. SO supportive. 3) Thankful for a loving, supportive partner I've found in my husband the Walrus.

RAOK: Sent a supportive, loving message to a friend on facebook.

Oh, why not 4 thankfuls today? I'm thankful for the means to get new running shoes so soon after my last purchase failed me. I think I'm going for these:

As far as my "lots of steps" streak is concerned, I'm still going strong with 10,000+++ steps a day. Looking forward to my weekly report from FitBit for a little positive reinforcement. My BIG day of 30,000 steps is nearing fast.

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