Wednesday, July 31, 2013

summer bucket list

The beginning of summer brought lots of hopes and daydreams of what we could do. We made a list and I'm happy to report that our list is almost complete.

Our summer bucket list:

  • ✓ the boy and I were to take up hula hooping. Although we started later than we anticipated, I'm thrilled that we started a few weeks ago. 
  • take the kids to Six Flags. This is the second year in a row that wonder boy won a free ticket for reading to Six Flags and he's yet to go. That changes this week.
  • ✓+ we wanted to hike as much as possible. 
  • ✓++ take as many doggie walks as possible (2 of them are older and can't handle the long hikes anymore). We still managed to walk them everyday for about a mile. 
  • ✓+ see as many sunsets as possible
  • ✓ see some sunrises
  • ✓ go to the Dekalb Farmers Market in Georgia
  • go to the Chattanooga Market
  • celebrate the boy's birthday-- soon to come, we have a gymnastics party planned
  • swim at the hole below Desoto Falls. It takes a bit of a hike but will be so fun.
  • the Walrus and I will go on a juice fast
  • ✓ participate in a 5k with the boy
  • attend the 8k in Chattanooga
  • ✓+ swim, swim, swim
  • the boy at summer day camp
  • ✓ learn pine needle basket weaving
  • ✓ learn how to use imovie editing software
  • ✓+ catch up on ALL the doctor appts I've been neglecting
  • ✓+read, read, read. No exaggeration, I think wonder boy has read over 100 books.
  • go to Tigers for Tomorrow for Buttercup's birthday. This was postponed because they closed that weekend for rain. Hopefully soon.
  • ✓ go to the science museum

celebrating Buttercup's birthday with mini homemade lava cakes and coconut ice cream
that's our boy, cha-cha-cha

this pool never gets warm

swim here with a bit of a hike

sunrises to enjoy

hikes to be had

more sunrises

the moon at sunrise

  • trying new things


    sunsets are even enjoyed by doggies

    spending time with sister

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