Friday, July 19, 2013

the day after

So, what does one do the day after trekking 35,000 steps in one day? Walk 16,000 more of course! And hooping. There's that.

I went to my first hoop meetup on Wednesday and had a blast. So fun. Can't wait to learn more. I already have bruised knuckles, heheh. The meetup was in Chattanooga which is always good for more steps...and dinner. My favorite part was how EVERYbody wanted to join in and it was not only welcomed but strongly encouraged. There were kids and seniors, men and women. LOVED it!

I also had my weekly training session in the morning. Since I was alone again, she took it easy on me. We hiked a little over 3 miles, no weights or pushups or anything. Thank Goodness! She also challenged me to get my next fitbit badge (40,000!) in two week's time. She said it would help me maintain my current fitness level as well as propel it forward a bit. Making plans now. I'm thinking different scenery this time.

I made a video about the 30,000 step day (that turned into 35,000) but I'm reluctant to post it. Meh.

Here's some views of Wednesday's steppage and hooping.

Coolidge Park is TOO cool.
meetup under the Walnut St bridge

this girl can HOOP!

me, not so much but still had fun

saw a rainbow on the way home!

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