Thursday, August 15, 2013

a little make up time

Ok, so I missed my training session yesterday and I'm feeling a little compelled to make up some ground today. I've been doing really good with my 10,000+ steps a day (except last week when I did the juice fast, I kept it to a 20 minute doggie walk save for my Wednesday training). I usually don't miss my Wednesday training sessions for nothing but I had no child care yesterday. My trainer will make it up so I'm not worried but I need something now.

So, what to do? I already walked about 3 miles early this morning. Also---Every time I go downstairs to refill my water glass or teacup, I will do 20 step ups on a tall bench on each leg or a set of pushups or a set of tricep dips. If all goes well, I should be done with my work and my workout by 3 today... which leaves me to enjoy a date night with the Walrus. Wa-hoo.

Just for fun, I will share my favorite granite protrusion. I don't know if this will translate correctly as a photograph but I'll try anyway.

When you first walk up on it, it looks like a huge, old tortoise.

Upon closer inspection, there's a gorilla face.

And on the way back, there's a cartoon bear face profile.

On any given weekend, you can witness the rock climbers practicing under that steep rock curvature underneath the bear's chin. It's a really great place to learn and practice in preparation for a much taller climb given the small drop to the ground. :-)

Got to amuse myself on my walks somehow, right?

I think it's time to refill my water glass. Ciao!

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