Wednesday, August 14, 2013

a little surprised

I was a little surprised by this concoction. I started with fennel. I bought the fennel last week for juicing but chickened out. I sliced it real thin like youtube taught me but after tasting it raw, I chopped it up smaller. I forgot it tasted like black licorice. Duh. With fingers crossed, I tossed it in a pan along with garlic and green pepper leftover from CSA. Lastly, I added chopped heirloom tomato and lots of spinach and arugula with seasoning and crushed red pepper.

Then I got nervous.

What if I just wasted all of these yummy vegetables because I ruined it with fennel? You know that whole thing of "most of what you worry about never happens." This was certainly true here. Oh. My. Yum.

Today is a happy day. Just took the doggies for a walk at 11 and it's 72ยบ! It wasn't that cool this morning when I walked before the sun came up I tell ya. Tonight we have bell choir and hula hooping. I also planned a surprise date with the Walrus. Planning a date is always good for lifting up my spirits. I'm also diffusing lemon oil whilst I work to help elevate my mood. I've been real emotional lately. My efforts are being rewarded with a better sense of well being. So blessed.

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