Thursday, August 8, 2013

day 4 juicing

I did better yesterday, honest I did. I had a huge fruit juice in the morning. So huge that I had to drink in 2 parts. I also endured SheilaV's workout. I did fairly well only tiring out once on the hike, which never happens but *shrug*. I did the walking lunges, squat rotations, pushups, jacks, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. I did skip the step ups because those make me nauseous even when I'm not juice fasting.

I only have today and tomorrow left. I almost gave up last night in spite of doing better yesterday. The Walrus is home and is so much better at food preparation and cooking so I said I would give it another day if he made my juices today. He agreed.

I'm looking forward to solid food. I'm dreaming of massaged kale and tons of other raw veggies. I'm hoping the boy picks a restaurant for his birthday where I can have grilled salmon and not some place like Big Jim's Bama BBQ. I never have liked BBQ. I know, I've already been kicked out of Texas. And Georgia.

I've read some really interesting things about nutrition this week. Like, did you know our bodies only require 500g of calcium a day? The recommendation is 1200 to make up for the deficits our bodies create by eating food lacking nutritional value (empty calories).

In other fun stuff, we got rained out of bell choir yesterday. HA! Well, it's kinda true. As soon as we stepped in the building, the power went out. So my friend Kelly brought us to her urban garden instead. She let wonder boy pick out his own eggs (mmmm egggggsss). And BIG bonus, she dug up trailing spinach for me(I'm a bit sick of juicing chard and kale) . She also cut off several vines for me to juice immediately. I give juicing a spinach a big thumbs up. I came home and planted my new trailing spinach. Fun. Fun. Good times spent in the rain.

Peace, light, and love.

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