Tuesday, August 13, 2013

juicing results

As I reported earlier, I finished the juice fast Friday. Saturday was good even at wonder boy's birthday party. He wanted the chocolate flourless torte ganache cake. Divine. I was able to resist as I squelched a lot of my sugar cravings last week. He also wanted dinner at the Wildflower Cafe which is a favorite restaurant of mine (and the Walrus and the boy). I got the salmon with roasted veggies and roasted butternut squash. I got full pretty fast.

I lost 8.3 pounds.

Is it sustainable? Time will tell.

I finally got around to watching Forks over Knives (thanks KELSPRETTYGIRL for reminding me it was in my queue). Excellent documentary along with the previous books and other documentaries I've been studying as of late: Hungry for Change, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, The Body Ecology Book, Eat to Live, etc.

Good, good stuff. 

In addition to last week's fast, I gave up caffeine for it too. I just added green tea back yesterday.  

I'm still detoxing so I'm not feeling 100% yet. I have noticed a bit more clarity in my mind as the fog is lifting. 

My latest challenge for myself is reading my body. I always felt pretty in tune with my body's cues but have realized I was wrong, wrong, wrong. You know how 'they' always tell you that you might me mistaking hunger for thirst? Well, my thought was that if my stomach is actually growling and grumbling, I was really hungry, not thirsty. -- Just as an example.  I've realized lately that my body isn't really giving me the right cues anymore as a result of years of bad habits. 

What prompted the drastic change was something I realized my body was doing for the last several months. If I ate a perfectly healthy meal, my stomach would growl and grumble several minutes later. It wouldn't stop growling until I ate sugar or a refined carbohydrate. So for several months, I've been eating healthy and then caving into my cravings because my body wouldn't settle down until I did. 

That's messed up.

Alas, my quest to heal myself from within as begun. For reals this time.

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