Tuesday, August 13, 2013

to peel or not to peel

Today I thought I would touch on something MICKEYH (from SparkPeople) asked about.

To juice the whole lemon or lime or to peel it.

All the juicing recipes and guidelines say that if your lemon or lime is too bitter in the juice, peel it before juicing.


If you're preparing a dish and you want the richest lemon flavor there is, what do you do?

Zest it of course.

What's funny about those recipes is that they would tell you to peel the lemon but leave most of the pith. Meh. The pith is where the bitterness lies.

So I came to the conclusion that I should juice the whole thing to balance all the flavors.

Most of us are adverse to tasting bitterness. Our bodies need bitterness to balance the flora in our gut. Balancing the good bacteria with the bad and all.

So yes, I juice the whole thing and it's delicious.

Speaking of which. Want to taste the best lemonade ever? Juice 3 green apples with half a lemon. Voila! Yum. Mmmmy.

Speaking of apples. My juicer instructions and most (but not all) juicing recipes tell you to throw the whole apple in. Isn't this what got the apple juice companies in trouble a few years ago? They had trace amounts of cyanide in their juices because of juicing the whole apple, seeds (where the cyanide is) and all. I core it.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a sunrise walk.

Silver, blue, and gold.
The color of the sky I'm told.

Birthday muffins! Wonder boy is 9 today. So excited.

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