Friday, August 16, 2013

veggie delight

Our date last night was super fun. I think we're going to the next one October 24. Any Mystery Science Theater 3000 now known as RiffTrax fans out there? We saw a live broadcast playing at select theaters of Starship Troopers. Basically, they take B movies and insert dialogue and jokes throughout. It was TOO funny. Just what we needed. Before the movie started, the Walrus and I reflected back on some favorite riffs from past movies such as:

The title screen rolls and shows, "Werewolf," and one of the guys (Crow T. Robot I believe) says, "I don't know, you had him last."

and another goodie:

Another title screen, "Lost Continent," again I believe it was Crow T. Robot that said, "I've lost my keys before but that's ridiculous."

Usually the shows are pretty family friendly but if you're familiar with Starship Troopers, there's a few nude scenes and lots of gore (but being the B movie that it is, it looked like the mannequins that they were). Anywho, during the nude scenes, they scheduled a "GorillaGram" to 'bleep' it out. Also HIGHlarious.

Good times.

Check it out if that kind of thing makes you laugh. And as we know, laughing is good for health.  (ETA: just saw today's riff, it's a little mean. Sorry. They're not all like that.)

So, I opened my fridge for lunch today and found wheat grass, a leek, a half a red onion, one huge garlic bulb, and 3/4 of jicama. Hmmm. Opened the freezer and found a Japanese blend of frozen vegetables.


And I need to go shopping. ;-) Maybe the Chattanooga market Sunday since it's on my summer bucket list.

So I cooked the veggies al dente along with sliced jicama and seasoned with turmeric. Set some of that aside and made that wonder boy's side dish along with a portion of whole wheat spaghetti.

Next, I slightly heated a can of chick peas and added that to the rest of the veggies and voila, my lunch!


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