Friday, August 30, 2013

what to do with a strange array of leftovers

Last night was book club. Guess what I brought? Wait for it....massaged kale salad! Right? The girl who usually brings a decadent dessert, brought raw kale salad. Granted the desserts I bring are the kind that are TOTALLY worth the splurge, but I'm turning a new leaf. Literally with leaves of kale, arugula, spinach, chard, etc.

I hope you're not sick of my food posts but it's really helping me stay motivated to eat this way. I really do enjoy it so much more so I need help remembering that.

Even Wonder Boy is on board. He's asking to bring his lunch this school year and has asked how he can eat more freggies in his lunch. We've been doing the old stand by of pb&j the last week but I just ordered him a food jar thermos as well as some bento boxes to make packing a variety of foods a bit easier. There's several websites to find inspiration as well as the book: The Healthy Lunchbox: Sandwich Free Secrets to Packing a Real Food Lunch.

Nonetheless, I had some leftover kale salad (but not as much as when I bring dessert). What to do with a strange array of leftovers for lunch? I had kale salad, black beans with arugula, and a ripe mango. Why, mix it all together for a delicious salad of course!

And delicious it was!

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