Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Sunday was fabulous! Wonder Boy, the Walrus, and I woke up super dupery early to get to our 8k race. Well, wonder boy and I did. The Walrus had to go to work. (boo!) We got our goody bags and had a relaxing time walking around and watching all the yummy freggies and other local goodies loading up at The Chattanooga Market. Then my drawstring broke on my pants. That'll be good fun running whilst holding my pants up. Meh. Heeeeee.

Ready and raring to go.

We had a great time encouraging each other all the way through. I may have even given a few piggy backs but by golly we finished even though were were....duh duh dummm...dead last. heheh. Here's the proof with the security car on our heels.

she's been following us the whole time. Ruunnn!!!

Not sure why anybody would want to prove that but I was amused nonetheless.

We came in at 61 minutes, just about 5 minutes behind the last group preceding us. Not bad. I've been to 5ks where we've had to wait an hour after that last groups. I wasn't properly prepared to run the whole race but we ran a good bit anyways. I was pleased and we both had a lot of fun.

Then we walked around the market and loaded up on local goat cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers. We're coming back next week for the bulk greens booth and the golden zucchini.

After the market, we met the Walrus for Wonder Boy's post-race blueberry pancakes while I snacked on macadamias and had a large black coffee.

It was a GREAT day.

In other news, hooping is coming along well.

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