Monday, September 16, 2013


hooping+biking+chattanooga market+enzo's market=blissfully prepared for the week

Ignore the laundry in the background. I do. But don't ignore the doggie. Send her some love. :-)

Wonder Boy and I spent a beautiful morning in Renaissance Park hooping it up. When he got tired of that, he biked around. There was lots of exercise for us both with an additional doggie walk later in the afternoon.

At the market, we loaded up on all kinds of veggies. We then had brunch with the Walrus at Enzo's along with more shopping. We are blissfully prepared for the week.

Some of our favorite finds at the Chattanooga Market: Rhode Island apples- DELISH; golden zucchini- well, I neva! Got to Google prep on that; heirloom carrots- GORGEOUS; kale- the most beautiful I've ever seen; peppers- love them so much I got like 2 lbs.

At Enzo's, we found 'cotton candy' grapes that everybody swore we had to try. "It tastes just like cotton candy", they say! For my sake, I hope not but it should be interesting nonetheless and definitely a welcome addition to the boy's lunch. We also loaded up on miso, veggie stock, and raw kombucha.

Everything that wouldn't mold got a vinegar bath and is ready to go.

Blissfully prepared indeed.

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