Wednesday, September 11, 2013

not so traditional southern tomato pie

A few local eateries around these parts purport the "best" tomato pie or the home of the "original" tomato pie. After several facebook postings of pictures and the corresponding, "Ohhhh myyy," "Mmmmmmm.....," and "You have GOT to try this," I finally got to have some the other day. And yes, it was good. So good, I thought that I must experiment with this at home.

I googled for the basic concept then I asked some friends for some pointers and I went to town.

So I layered lemon hummus, tomatoes, basil & garlic goat cheese (but not much), and arugula & spinach. Oh, and mayo. I only used a little bit because I wasn't sure if it was really needed but I was assured it was. My opinion? It wasn't but I probably didn't do it right anyhow.

**You can do it how you like. The hummus made it a little watery at the bottom but it was really tasty. You can also bake it at 350º for 35 minutes and then you can take a 24 minute training run. While you're running, you can lament over the fact that you pressed snooze this morning instead of doing this then and now it's almost 90º out midday. But then? Then you're done and you give yourself a pat on the back anyway, do some standing stretches, take the pie out of the oven, and have it ready to cool off while you shower. And voila', you have lunch (or supper or whatever you call it).

After the stretch and shower, you're still sweating but guess what? Lunch is served. You can cut it up on a big plate o' greens and spritz with aged balsamic vinegar or drizzle with glazed balsamic goodness. It's your pie, do what you like!

I never could cut a pie properly. No matter, all the flavors are there. Cheers!

**And by you I mean me. I would never tell you what to do but feel free to join me!

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