Friday, October 4, 2013

from blue to red my plan is ahead!

My next FitBit badge is 45,000 steps in one day. I estimate that at 18 miles for me. I have the route planned and here's hoping that I can find the time this weekend. It's penciled in if all the pieces fall the way I manipulate them. But manipulation can be fickle and it's certainly not full-proof. I can try anyway.

I believe FitBit awards badges in 5000 increments. I didn't really realize this until well after I reached 25,000 steps in one day (did that several times in a row on a trip to NYC).  And then, I only realized it because MOSTMOM1 pointed it out. Thank you Shelli! As of late, I've been working (ok obsessing) on the next level every 4 to 6 weeks including: My 30,000 step day, my 35,000 step day, and my 40,000 step day. And now what? You guessed it 45,000. I had my heart set on achieving this last weekend on a fairly level, mild (mild for terrain, not length) 20 mile hike. That would've given me my 45 and 50 thousand step day in the same day. Not ideal but some friends were going, etc so I jumped at the opportunity. Then? It was rescheduled for a day I couldn't go. I went out to the area and hiked a shortened 8 mile portion of it with a new friend anyway.

So, I'm happy I get to try again. This time, I'll aim for the 45 and make 50 my next goal. And because I love me a map...and a plan, here's the plan- from blue to red and all the way back again.

Peace, light, love, and glorious movement. One step at a time.

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