Wednesday, October 9, 2013

loving on

Currently, I'm loving on the poet Tanya Davis...


And I just got my bike fixed today! Yippeewahoo! Let the ideas boil to fruition. I'm ready! I also learned a great deal about bicycle maintenance from SheilaV and taught it to Wonder Boy as well.

This morning's workout was FAB! I never felt so great AND I kept up. I'm usually 3-5 minutes behind but something happened this morning. Maybe it was the beautiful weather. My arms are shaky~shaky~shaking though from 3 sets of 20 pushups. We've been doing 3 sets of 10. Oy. --as my friend Moon and I exclaimed "3SETS OF 20?!?!?!"

See? Not so far behind.

View from the crunch position. Gorgeous day!
And if this post isn't helter-skelter enough for you...

In other exciting news, my dryer vent was fixed. The builder made the vent go straight down under the house, through a small pvc pipe 14' to the back of the house. What? I'm embarrassed to tell you how long it took us to realize the problem. But now? I hired somebody to plug up the hole and cut a new one directly from the wall to outside the house. Not even a foot. I CAN DRY A WHOLE LOAD OF TOWELS IN ONE REGULAR CYCLE. ONE! Regular. Cycle. ONE! AND the lint gets collected in the lint catcher now instead of collecting and clogging that pipe. I know that's the news you've been waiting for. You can carry on now.

So utterly grateful for the little victories in life.


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