Wednesday, October 16, 2013


So, you know your lunch is looking good when you're compelled to take a pic... know, before you inhale it. Ha. Just kidding, I'm savoring every bite. Mostly.

That's butter leaves, bell pepper, red onion, a carrot (bugs bunny style), a few olives, and fresh mozarella. After I took the pic, I noticed the avocados were ripe so I added that as well. All drizzled slightly with a dark fig balsamic from a local olive oil company and a side of plain-jane green tea latte. (plain as in, just tea and 2 oz steamed milk) I ate like CRAP yesterday and I am making sure I'm not taking a ride down that slippery slope that it has the potential to be. So today I ask myself, what is the most nutrient-dense food I can consume today? It's only lunch, but so far, so good.

I got a personal training session with the beautiful SheilaV since the others bailed today. We did a 8800+ step speed hike (a bit over 3 miles), pushups, lots of planks, and stretches. Oh my yaya. Planks. I've been neglecting these for awhile. Not on purpose but just because I've forgotten about them. We had to do a full plank (no elbows) while lifting a weight with one arm followed by a full side plank while rotating the elbow to the ground. I tried not to cuss. It may have translated into some primal yelling. I don't know, it was just hard.

It's a great day in a very busy week. Pausing every so often to remember to breathe and savor.

Peace, light, and love.

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