Wednesday, October 2, 2013

september highlights (including 5% results)

So I entered SparkPeople's Summer 5% challenge. I'm quite happy with my results although I didn't quite get 5%. 5% for me would have been 9.6 pounds but I lost 8 pounds was what I got. I'm quite happy with it. 8 pounds was enough for me to feel a pretty big difference and I'm back in some old pants and skirts that used to be too tight.

Starting Weight (7/27) : 192
8/3: 193
8/10: 183.5
8/17: 183.5 (TOM)
8/24: 183.5 that's disappointing but I'll take it.
8/31: 184 experiencing a temporary plateau. Got a good feeling about this. 
9/7: 181.3 Made it passed 5%. Can we just stop now? Heheh.
9/14: 180 :-)
9/21: 184 I have NO idea what happened. Feeling deflated.

Total so far: -8
Pounds to 5% goal:2

5%: 9.6
GW: 182

As you can see above, I actually surpassed 5% like 3 weeks before the challenge was through but I fluctuated after that. I believe it was my body saying, "are you for reals this time? Are we really doing it? I'm going to hang out here while you figure it out."

So yes, I'm in a good place and I'm ready for the Fall challenge to begin. At the beginning of the summer challenge, I was struggling with hooping and frumping about like this:

I'm still struggling with the hooping but I'm not frumping about as much anymore:

I'm also quite please how my face is slimming out:

I actually took that picture to show the jewelry piece I made out of seaglass gifted by a friend at my Yogis Gone Wild weekend a couple of weeks ago. BUT, I noticed my face so I'm declaring an NSV. (It's the inside piece not the longer, mass produced one but I love that piece too).

So yeah, I thought I would outline a few September highlights since I haven't made a very thoughtful blog lately.


  • 7.5 mile hike last weekend on a new-for-me-trail even though we weren't where we thought we were on the map. We still made good time AND, major victory here, we still found the car! 
  • I was heading for a PR (personal record) for laundry a couple of weeks ago but the dryer broke. I made it anyway by hauling the 2 loads to the laundromat to dry. On a side note, I made a mess at the laundromat trying to clean an area rug. Oy. I'm never going there again. It's back to the southside laundromat where I know their machines can handle it. But I digress.
  • Had a lovely date night with the Walrus for a wine and book event. Good wine, good people, great food, and the loveliest of authors.
  • Went to 2 hooping meetups. Made some progress.
  • Had a fab time at Yogis Gone Wild and International Day of Peace weekend. I also learned about some comfort zone boundaries and stretched my imagination.
  • I did 2 tree planks today. It's been awhile. 
  • Made goodies for a school bake sale.
  • Found a new gym for the boy. He's taking a trial class this week. He's gone as far as he can go with tumbling here. They don't have boys' gymnastics equipment so we're venturing up to Chattanooga with a full boys' competitive team offering training in the 7 events at the Olympics. He's trying the beginner gymnastics this week. It's a very exciting, pivotal point for him.
  • Several bell choir rehearsals gearing up for a wedding this month. 
  • Ran the 8k with Wonder Boy and we were respectable.
  • 4 trail workouts with SheilaV
  • Got my car to Atlanta for a recall. It was quite the mess (turning into 2 long hauls there and back to get it done right) but I feel accomplished.

  • Spoke with a federal employee on the trail this morning making the most of his time by running. (Luckily this park is state. I feel awful for my National Park friends and all else). Nonetheless, Roy from this morning, inspired me.
  • We had a newbie this morning and it reminded me how far I've come. Our trainer stayed back and apologized to us later but I told SheilaV to do whatever it takes to keep her motivated- it's where we all started. Good reminder for me. SheilaV still made me cry with the stepups though. Oy. I feel good now. No worries.
  • 5% results are inspiring me- with results! Scale and non-scale victories alike.

  • I need to back off of coffee again. I'm finding a correlation between my drinking coffee and my food choices. I do much better without the coffee. :( I don't know why that it is (except of course, like I've mentioned before, that it aggravates my allergies but I still can't help it. I really LIKE coffee).
  • I need a better bra! Sorry if you're a male, you can look away if you don't like this kind of talk. I FINALLY got a good sports bra from Moving Comfort (they sent me a $25 coupon on my birthday in August). BUT, after taking a video of my hooping yesterday, I was reminded that I really need a good regular bra. It's time.

  • Throwing a tea party for my friends. We used to do this regularly. It's high time we do it again.
  • A 45,000 step day (18 miles)
  • 2- 5Ks this month. I could do 2 a week this month if I wanted but finally had to budget for time and money. Had to narrow it down by my favorite orgs.
  • Book club for Walking the Trail (about a man who retraced the Trail of Tears from Oklahoma to Alabama). Not only do we get to have our book club about this great book but we are having our meeting in the author's cabin on Sand Mountain.
  • Getting my knitting mojo back. I have lots of gifts and WIPs to finish. I also need some new dishcloths. They all seem to be falling apart at the same time which happens to be now.
So, that was a bit more than you probably wanted but it feels good to get it down and out. October is going to be GREAT.

Peace, light, and love.

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