Friday, November 29, 2013

stepping out and stepping up

I haven't had a lot to say lately so excuse my lack of posting. Have I been slacking? A bit, but I certainly haven't stopped. This week's been a good week. I've been picking up the pace and I'm looking forward to seeing an old college friend tomorrow. We're meeting for a BIG step day. We initially set out to do 45,000 steps. Since I've slowed down a bit these past couple of weeks, I asked if she wouldn't mind doing more like 25-35,000 steps instead. She agreed.

I had a great hike with my trainer this week. It was COLD so all we did was hike. It's good for keeping the body temp up as opposed to dropping to the ground for some pushups, abs, etc. No worries though- I did some at home.

So the next day, I had a Turkey Trot planned (2nd annual for me). I haven't been running because my ankle's been bothering me. I really don't want an injury. My health insurance deductible is horrendous and just the X-ray alone would hurt. It seems like all runners go through this and I just have to ask myself... it it worth it? I don't know the answer to that.   I ran some any way. In fact, I ran a lot more of it than I thought I could. I like running, it's good for my mood. AND that's where the conundrum of worth comes in.

I aimed for 45 minutes this time since I knew I was going to be walking a lot, if not most. I had 14 minutes at the first mile, 29 for the 2nd, and 45:09 for the last bit. Have I done better? Oh yes, but I have to work with where I'm at today. It will be different from yesterday and certainly different tomorrow. I'm pleased. My hip flexors? Not so much. I'll be taking it easy today and stretching a lot.

It was crazy cold too. Although my hike with Sheila was warmer in the upper 30s, today felt better at 19ยบ. It was sunny and barely any wind. Just a beautiful, gorgeous morning. The cows and chickens were out and it was peacefully quiet.

I love racing with my friend D. Well with might be a bit strong. She's a lot faster than me. She had her best time this race. Go D! We still have fun catching up at the beginning and at the end.

This race is always very inspiring. I didn't have a chance placing in this one like I do in some of the smaller ones I do. But I love sticking around for the results. EVERY winner, no matter what age group (save 1 person) came in UNDER 29 MINUTES. Did you hear that? EVERY AGE GROUP. Even the guy in the 60-69 division. I love it. My friend Roy (I've mentioned a time or 2 from the trails) came in at 24 minutes. That just blows my mind. Last year, the overall winner was a woman in the 40s division. I LOVE it! You want to get inspired? Come to this race.

Today was great. We even got the doggies walked before the sun set. I wish this photo could've done it justice. There were a lot more pinks and shades of blue.

Up tomorrow...the Silver Comet Trail. Today? Lots 'o stretching.

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