Friday, November 8, 2013

a little crafty update...very little

It's been busy. I don't like busy. It makes me feel paralyzed and discombobulated. I'm looking forward to a more calming schedule in the coming weeks. Tomorrow, I'll start with camping. Unplugged.

Meanwhile, I managed to finish this beauty while the boy was at gymnastics. I started this back in May. It really is a quick, easy project but for some reason I set it down for the summer.

It's a felted water bottle cozy.

Finished knitting, just needs felting.

Now it's felted, just needs to dry.

After drying, just need to sew that button on.

I also set down a scarf several months ago. It's time to finish that sucker up. I also have 2 hats in the queue for some friends who just graduated nursing school. And by "just," I mean in May and August. Oh, and Christmas. There's that.

Have a wonderful, beautiful weekend!

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