Tuesday, November 5, 2013

new mini-goal

I set a new mini-goal today. I'm not much for setting huge-drawn-out-mapping-my-workout-for-the-next-6-weeks kind of gal. It's just not my personality. NOT that there's anything wrong with that. Heheh. Lately, I've been grousing about the stepups my trainer makes us do. They make me want to cry -or- they make me nauseous. Mostly both.

Actually, I've been calling these stepups but that may be a misnomer. You put one foot on the bench and touch down briefly on the same leg over and over, making sure to hold your core taut and press through the heel on the bench. Rinse and repeat on the other side. 20 times each leg, 3 times through.

I've only been doing these when Sheila makes me. This morning I took myself for a hike and had and epiphany whilst doing the stepups. I think I would like to beat these. I would like 3 sets of 20 on each side to be nothing. I'd like it to be like walking-3-miles nothing, that's easy- but it wasn't always. I can get passed this, right? I'm just not strong and consistent enough with that type of exercise.

So for the short term, I'm going to do these 2 times a week, working up to 3 times a week. Until they're easy, then I'll have to step it up some more.

It's a plan. I like it. I'm going for it. Day 1 complete today with just one tear. I tried not to exclaim out loud but I don't think I succeeded (sorry campers near the bench I was working out on).

View from the stepup position where the mini-goal epiphany struck.

Fire Road leading back to the trail to take me back where I parked. This was my half-way point today.
I threw in a couple of 1-minute planks and some down-dogs for good measure. It's a beautiful day. All good for about 8400 steps. Now for my plain-jane-green-tea latte. Comfort in a mug.

Have a wonderfully peaceful, deep breath-filled, joyful day.

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