Thursday, December 5, 2013

38000 plus so much more

It's been a great week. I mentioned that I was meeting up with a friend from college and we subsequently worked together after college (2 different jobs, oddly enough). We decided to meet up and do a big step day. Indeed it was.

She walked with a fitbit too. As I suspected, I confirmed Saturday that I have a short stride. My trainer suspected it too, attributing it to tight hip flexors. But yes, my friend is about my same height, maybe a tad shorter and she walked 2000 fewer steps than me. So yeah, I'll be working on my hip flexor flexibility. Coincidentally enough, my hip flexors were the ones that were sore after this walk.

What does 38,000 steps look like? Walking from Smyrna to Hiram, GA about 15 miles (plus my normal walking about the rest of the day). It was a beautiful day, one in which I witnessed the sunrise and sunset. The temperature was mild and the trail was beautiful. We challenged ourselves to do the next section: Hiram to Braswell, GA, about 18 miles. Setting our sights on about 6 weeks.

It was really great seeing my friend. After 10+ years, she can still make me laugh. Right out loud, quite frankly. Good, good times.

The Silver Comet Trail is part of the rails to trails initiative...converting unused railroad tracks to a walking/biking path. I believe it's about 67 miles starting near Atlanta and crossing over the Alabama state line. After I walk all of it, I'd like to take my bike back here and do some more damage.

Here's some highlights...

scenery from nature to commercial to industrial

loved this old building

In other challenging news, my trainer challenged us to 3 sets of 20 pushups every other day until Christmas. Challenge accepted. Won't you join me?

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