Friday, December 13, 2013

have you any wool?

My latest project...

Sorry for the crappy picture. I love making these ruffle scarves. They're quick and easy homemade gifts. This particular color feels very Christmas-y and Winter-y with the bare wood and snow tones.

What do I have planned for this weekend? 2 hats and wool yarn balls. I still have 2 hats to make for friends who recently graduated nursing school. Hopefully their yarn arrives today.

I'm also making several wooly yarn balls for the dryer. The older I get, the more sensitive I get to household CFCs. I've eliminated washer fabric softener and now I'm ready to rid my dryer of dryer sheets. The pollutants and buildup just aren't worth it BUT I don't like static cling. There must be another way. So I've inquired and searched the internet and I'm going to give wool yarn balls a try. You can buy these, rather expensively, or you can make them. Because they have to be 100% wool, it can still be pricey but there are some cheaper options (think Paton or Cascade) and also, leftover yarn.

Here's the best step-by-step instructions I found...

How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

There's lots of other explanations "out there" but this one is the easiest and most thorough. Some of the posts I saw left out crucial components like that you MUST use 100% wool.

I have plenty of leftovers, scraps as well as discarded projects so it should be fun and inexpensive.

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