Monday, December 30, 2013

whipping up

It's been a fun holiday break for us all. Although I'm still working quite a bit, I have taken a day off here and there and it still feels like a big break not having to run the boy all over kingdom come. An added bonus, my car's been out of commission for almost a week now (waiting on a part, hopefully it comes tomorrow!). It's all good though. Taking life at a slower pace is much welcomed.

SheilaV kicked my derriere as per usual this morning. My legs were jello the last .25 miles of the hike. That's not nearly as bad as the aftermath I will feel late tomorrow. Oh why did I slack last 2 weeks?? No matter, pulling my bootstraps up now to kick it in to gear again.

I've been getting pretty crafty around here. I'll share a few updates. There's a lot more in the queue and I'm going to a crafty party all day Wednesday to welcome in the new year. SO excited. I haven't seen these friends in quite a while. OH! And how can I forget Saturday? It's another big step day. An old college friend and I are walking 18 miles from Hiram to Braswell, GA on the Silver Comet Trail.

Now, back to the crafty update.

First, I needed new dishcloths. I whipped this one up in a fast garter stitch and promptly ran out of that color so I finished it off with a stripe of white. Please ignore the dirty dishes.

I made a couple of these ruffle scarves as gifts lately. I bought a new shirt last week that I thought this color would go really well with so I had to make me one. I made this last night whilst finishing a movie (Waking Ned Devine). I love how the colors are so wintry...snow white and brown for the bare trees.

We also blew our own glass ornaments again this year, our 5th annual. It's a tradition we started when we moved here from a place down the road called Orbix Hot Glass. I love the artists there so much. Good, good people and uber talented.

picking them up 

Our colors this year, cerulean blue (mine), apricot & jade (wonder boy), and granny smith apple green with white (Buttercup's). I couldn't get the lighting right on this photo. The Walrus was kind enough to stay back with a sick doggie so he didn't make one this year.

Our collection is growing.

And growing.
Of course when the kids move along, they'll get to take theirs with them.

I also finished a hat for a friend as a nursing graduation present. I hope it fits!

And a few walks in the woods to round it all out.

Wishing that your holidays are just as magical. We've had some challenges thrown in with my car breaking down and a doggie who got sick. But it's already better or soon will be. We knew Holly (doggie) was getting better when Maggie (doggie #2) stopped dropping kibble near Holly and took her rightful place back on the doggie bed (instead of relinquishing it to Holly all together).

Peace, love, and light.

P.S. I finally saw both Despicable Mes...I want to make a Gru scarf now. Wonder Boy already called dibs. Heheh.

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